Wednesday, March 1, 2017


In 2007, Lisa Johnson (UW Extension Horticulture Educator) and Ann Munson (Rock Garden Society member and former UW Extension horticulture faculty assistant) built and planted a rock garden in an area off the parking lot.  The 12 x 5 foot rock garden was constructed of donated tufa rocks built up to simulate a rocky mountain slope, in a full sun setting.  The majority of the plants in the garden are alpine plants, selected for their compact growth habit, drought resistance, and need for "not-too-rich" soil.  Construction of an arched fieldstone path on the north side of the rock garden was completed in 2018, inviting visitors to walk into the garden area. A second rock garden was installed in the middle of the pathway and an initial planting was completed in the spring.  The priority for 2019 will be to complete the planting of this new rock garden area.

Rock Garden Team
Working in the Rock Garden allows MGVs to observe which species do well in these settings and monitor bloom time, drought tolerance and overall hardiness in order to make improvements to the garden.

Karen Allenstein is the Rock Garden Team Leader.  To join the Rock Garden team, contact Karen Allenstein.  2019 continuing team members are:

Kristen Hoffschmidt, 4th year

Marc Schmidt, 3rd year

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